About the Abilene Cultural District

The Abilene Cultural District was one of the first five cultural districts in the state designated by the Texas Commission on the Arts. Abilene was recognized by the state for utilizing the arts in downtown redevelopment. Abilene was among the first Texas cities to understand the important economic role the arts can play in communities. The Abilene Cultural District is home to The Grace Museum, the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature, the Center for Contemporary Arts, the Elks Arts Center, Abilene Ballet Theatre, Historic Paramount Theatre, the Abilene Philharmonic, the Abilene Civic Center, Cockerell Studios & Gallery, Frontier Texas, a restored historic train depot that serves as the offices of the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council, and more. Benefits of being included in the Cultural District Program include access to funding through TCA grants, inclusion in state marketing and public relations activities, and the opportunity to utilize the state’s brand in marketing activities executed by the individual cultural districts.



About the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council

Our Mission

It is the purpose of the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council, an affiliate of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, to promote, encourage, and support the arts for Abilene; to marshall and adapt the community's resources to the needs of artists of the community; to work and advise with officials, organizations, schools, and committees in supporting activities; and it shall seek to encourage the establishment of new art forms, develop publicity and educational programs to encourage existing programs and organizations and promote tourism, and will carry out those other functions necessary to enhance the image of Abilene as a center for the Arts.


Our Board of Directors




​Kaye Price-Hawkins



​Justin Crowe



​Theron Holladay



​Carol Haynes



For term ending Sept. 30, 2018:

  Albert Gutierrez Pat Dunnahoo
  Darrel Knight Jr. Pam Tippen
  K.O. Long Dan Searight

Randy Piersall

Mike Warren





For term ending Sept. 30, 2019:


Lawrence Bertsch

Amy McAdams


Lauren Edwards

Jill Heaven














For term ending Sept. 30, 2020:


Trish Trifilo

Dee Moore


Clint Rosenbaum

Callie Harris


Kathy Morehead

Dick Spalding


Kenny Shuler

Shannon Nix


Isabel Correa



President, Abilene Arts Alliance

George Nichols


Chairman, Abilene Chamber of Commerce

​Scott Hibbs


President, Abilene Chamber of Commerce

Doug Peters


Dyess AFB

​Allison Parker, Marlinda Doss


Abilene City Council


Texas Commission on the Arts

Billye Proctor-Shaw


Hotel/Motel Representative

​Brenda Grist


ACAC Past President

​Donna Dougherty


Young Audiences of Abilene

​Vance Cooksey


Children's Performing Arts Series

​Melissa Noonan


HeARTS for the ARTS

​Gail Russey



Member Emeritus:


James D. Tittle

Bill Wright