Sample Budget and Budget Details

Below is a sample project budget, taken from page two of the grant application: A couple of helpful hints to remember:

  • The boxes connected by arrows in this illustration MUST MATCH!
  • Please double-check your math! The sum of each column should be the total of all numbers listed in that column.


grant app sample


The attached budget details, which should be listed on a separate sheet of paper, could look like this:



  • A. Staff salaries: ACAC will fund 1/4 time of project Director, whose Annual Salary is $16,000. Applicant will fund 3/4 time of project director
  • B. Prof. Services: ACAC will fund 1/2 artist fees for one performances (total fee of $500); Applicant will fund 1/2 time of project director
  • F. Rentals: local agency will provide a car for the artist at no charge -in kind- valued at $350
  • G. Supplies and materials: ACAC will purchase 4 costumes at $50 each
  • H. Promotion and printing: Applicant will pay for printing brochures ($500) and posters ($200)