A Quick Review of What You Will Turn In:

12 paper-clipped (not stapled), collated grant packets. Each packet must contain

  1. cover letter

  2. application

  3. detailed project budget

  4. current operating budget

Applications should be in the order of the below checklist and paper-clipped

Include one set of the listed SUPPLEMENTAL items. Application may be disqualified if items are missing

Application should include only 8½ x11 pages, with no staples, hole punches or folded papers

Please include something in the packet for each item on the checklist. If for some reason you have to leave something out, please add a piece of paper with an explanatory note in that place in the packet. That way we will know you didn’t accidentally leave out something.

Place entirety of application into one large envelope or rubber band

Please complete below checklist and submit with grant application:

12 collated, paper-clipped grant packets containing each of the following items:

  • Cover letter - Twelve copies - no longer than two pages, including organization history and mission, and addressing pertinent points from criteria.

  • Completed application form - Twelve copies - one-sided, like the original.

  • Detailed project budget* - Twelve copies - Items a-j in Section D of the application should be outlined in detail on a separate sheet. This should tell the review committees exactly how you plan to spend grant monies and the amount of funds your organization is contributing to the project, including in-kind contributions.

  • Current operating budget - Twelve (12) copies

One copy each of the following SUPPLEMENTAL information:

  • Financial statement - One Copy - for the previous year (audit if available) or copy of 990 if required to file.

  • Current list of Board of Directors and staff - One Copy - with addresses and phone numbers. This helps us compile our Art Award Invite list.

  • Current list of contributors, grants received and grants requests pending - One Copy

  • This Grant Checklist – one copy – place a check next to each item on checklist to confirm that it is included in your packet. If a checklist item is not included in the packet, please provide explanatory note.

  • IRS exemption letter - One Copy

  • By-laws, charter and organizational history or any applicable update since last application - One Copy

Presenting the Grant

  • When completed there should be 12 grant packets (A) and one set of the additional information (B) for our files.

  • Please put together in the Checklist Order.

  • Grant copies should include only 8.5 x 11 pages and have no staples or folded papers

  • Please do not three-hole punch your applications

And finally...

  • Please be sure application is signed! Two signatures are needed – grant preparer and organization director

  • Place entire application into one large envelope or secure with a rubber band, etc.

Questions? Contact Susan at 325-677-1161/ or Hollye at 325-370-6291/
Thank you for your organization’s contributions to the arts in Abilene!