Criteria for Funding



  • High artistic merit as perceived by peers, critics and others as appropriate

  • Innovation and creativity in programming and artistic content

  • Vision and leadership of artistic staff

  • Activity furthers applicant's stated artistic mission

  • Responsiveness to community art needs 

Community Involvement

  • Evidence of efforts to reach a diverse population, i.e. audience make-up

  • Evidence of leadership and representation by a variety of different social, economic, and racial groups on board

  • Innovation in programming to reach new and special audiences, including collaborative programs with other groups

  • Evidence of legitimate efforts to involve minority individuals on artistic, technical administrative, policy and audience levels

  • Evidence of intiative in promoting arts aducation within appropriate discpline

Administrative and Fiscal Responsibility

  • Evidence that organization has a continuing history of growth, stability and vision

  • Evidence of long and short range plans

  • Evidence of leadership of administrative staff

  • Evidence of organization's ability to accomplish proposed goals

  • Evidence of efficiency and effectiveness of organization

  • Evidence of effective board/staff interaction

  • Accuracy and completeness in financial reporting

  • Evidence of effort to secure financial support from both private and public sectors

  • Diversity of funding sources, earned and unearned 

Distribution of Funds and Amount of Funding Available

  • Evidence that artistic programming is not a duplication of other local efforts

  • Evidence that the applicant's financial resources are experiencing appropriate growth in relation to Council funding


(Peer review panelists rate each application on these four criteria)